Krzysztof Kamiński feels the difference of fans between Japan and Europe.

  • text by Yoichi Igawa
  • photo by Kenzaburo Matsuoka

***After this interview, Krzysztof Kamiński lost his place at Jubilo Iwata and eventually left the club for his home country in February 2020***

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"I think the standard of the J-League is higher than the Ekstraklasa, the first division in Poland," Krzysztof Kamiński said. "Japanese midfielders in particular have good skill, vision, and creativity - they are much better for sure than Polish midfielders in general."

The polish footballer Krzysztof Kamiński who played in Japan 2015-2019.The polish footballer Krzysztof Kamiński who played in Japan 2015-2019."I would tell anyone who asks me the same I was told by people with good knowledge of the J-League when I was thinking of moving to Japan: come here with a serious attitude and be ready, because the level of the J-League is very high."

Kamiński compared the J-League, where he spent five years, and the Ekstraklasa, his country's top league. During his time in Japan, he also learned many things.

"In Poland, there are not many teams that try to build up from the back. Most of them, including the teams I played for, still mainly play long balls aimed at physically strong forwards. On the contrary, many J-League sides play a modern passing game, so I need to have good skill with my feet. I feel I have improved a lot in that regard since I came here."

The J-League consists of 18 teams which, "mainly play possession football with an attacking mindset, which is enjoyable for the fans and players", he continues. Regarding the fans, Kamiński also has a positive impression.

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