SHUEISHA Privacy Guideline

Shueisha Inc. (hereinafter, “Our Company”), while establishing “Basic Policy of Shueiha on How to Treat Personal Information” to protect privacy of those who use the websites operated by Our Company, annouces this privacy guideline on how Our Company processes customers’ personal data including customers’ personal information. Definitions of the terms used in this guideline are as follows:

■ “Personal Information”
“Personal Information” shall have the same meaning as that of the “personal information” defined in “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” (Act No. 57 of May 30, 2003, amended on September 3, 2015, hereinafter “APPI”), i.e., information containing name, address etc., through which a specific individual can be identified, and information containing an individual identification code including license number of driver’s license and face recognition data. Information, through which a specific individual cannot be identified, but readily identified by collated with other information, shall be also included in Personal Information.
■ “Specific Personal Information”
“Specific Personal Information” shall have the same meaning as that of “specific personal information” defined in the “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure” (Act No.27 of 2013; hereinafter referred to as the "Numbers Use Act"), i.e., personal information including individual number (my number).
■ “Personal Related Information”
“Personal Related Information” shall mean information related to certain individual including access log information associated with internet use, while not sufficient to identify a specific individual, distinctive in that one can recognize as “information related to a certain individual.” This includes information concerning information communication equipment (e.g., identifier including identification code unique to each equipment and location data), browsing history of webpages etc. available through cookie identifier etc., email address or account ID, through which alone a specific individual cannot be identified.
■ “Personal Data”
“Personal Data” shall be a concept regarding customer’s privacy and collective term for both of “Personal Information” and “Personal Related Information.”
■ “Statistical Information”
“Statistical Information” shall mean modified Personal Related Information for statistical purpose so that the information can no longer be associated with a specific individual.

(Table of Contents)

1. Collection of Personal Data

Our Company collects Personal Data in any of the following cases:

  1. Input by a customer through information communication equipment;
  2. Submission of document etc. directly by a customer;
  3. Automatically collected in association with use and/or browsing by a customer of service, contents, goods, advertisement etc.;
  4. Provision by a third party, to whom a customer has consented; and
  5. Or otherwise collecting lawfully.

2. Purpose of Processing Personal Information

The purposes for which Our Company collects Personal Information are as follows:

  1. To provide services etc. fitting for a customer;
  2. To deliver goods, prizes etc. a customer has ordered or applied for;
  3. To confirm or announce necessary information in relation to above (1) and (2) (including inquiry to financial institution and credit card company etc. for settlement procedure.)
  4. To report the result etc. of survey or event etc. to those who have cooperated or participated in.
  5. To announce information relating to service to a customer;
  6. To improve Our Company’s service and to develop new service;
  7. To respond inquiry from a customer;
  8. Prevention or taking measures of wrongful act;
  9. To announce goods, services and/or event and to deliver present or survey provided by associated companies etc.
  • Should there be any specific provision as to a purpose of use for a certain Personal Information, Our Company shall process such Personal Information in accordance with such provision. The same shall apply to the cases where Our Company receives Personal Information from a third party, to whom a customer has consented and should there be any specific provision as to a purpose of use therefor.
  • As to Special care-required personal information including medical history, Our Company shall comply with APPI when collecting, using and providing, for example, obtaining consent from a customer prior to collection.
  • A customer can, at its judgment, choose whether to provide Personal Information to Our Company, provided that a customer understands that, when he/she chooses not to provide, he/she may not use the services etc. Our Company provides.

3. Processing of Personal Related Information (Access Log etc.)

Our Company shall use Personal Related Information including access log for the purposes described below. Our Company may use Personal Related Information in connection with Personal Information Our Company collects. In such an event, Our Company shall limit the purpose to “Purpose of Processing Personal Information” prescribed in this privacy guideline. For details, please read here.

  1. To identify a customer and improve convenience of a customer;
  2. To provide service and contents etc., optimum for a customer;
  3. To improve service quality; and
  4. To provide behavioral targeting advertising.

4. Joint Use of Personal Data

Our Company and group companies of Our Company may jointly use Personal Information collected by them within Shueisha Group. For detail of joint use, please read here.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Contractor

Our Company may commission process of Personal Information to a third party located in Japan to the extent necessary for the prescribed purpose of processing. Our Company shall limit the contractors for such commission to those Our Company deems reliable, and Our Company shall, in accordance with Our Company’s Personal Information Guideline, take necessary measures so that customers’ Personal Information is properly protected by such contractors. Our Company may commission to a foreign third party and provides Personal Information to such a third party within the scope permitted by APPI. So, for example, Our Company ensures that such a third party has established system necessary to continuously comply with rules corresponding to APPI.

6. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

Our Company shall not provide collected Personal Information to a third party without obtaining prior consent from a customer; provided that Our Company may provide Personal Information to a third party in any of the following cases:

  1. Cases based on laws and regulations including inquiry pursuant to Criminal Procedure Law;
  2. Cases where it is necessary to protect a human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain a his/her consent
  3. Cases where there is a special need to enhance public hygiene or promote sound fostering of children;
  4. Cases where requested to provide by public authorities such as state and Our Company deems appropriate to cooperate.
  1. Our Company may provide to a third party collected Personal Information as anonymously processed information, after properly processing the same so as not to be able to identify a specific individual in accordance with laws and regulations or as Statistical Information, by which specific individual cannot be identified.
  2. When Our Company provides Personal Information to a third party upon customers’ prior approval, Our Company requires those who received Personal Information in writing to control said Personal Information appropriately and safely.

7. Control etc. of Personal Information

Our Company shall control collected Personal Information properly in accordance with “Basic Policy on How to Control Personal Information of Shueisha.” For details of process of information and security control etc., please read here.

8. Disclosure, Correction etc. of Personal Information

Our Company shall respond as soon as reasonably possible to request by a customer of disclosure, correction etc. of his/her own Personal Information on the conditions that such request is in accordance with application procedure prescribed by Our Company and that in case of request for disclosure, Our Company has received handling charge for such procedure, provided that Our Company may not meet the request in cases where disclosure may seriously interfere with Our Company’s business or infringe third party’s right. Please understand and agree in advance that membership service provided by a website operated by Our Company and purchase of goods cannot be provided for a customer whose Personal Information is deleted. For details of application procedure, please read here.

9. Processing of Specific Personal Information

Considering that it is important social responsibility to handle individual number and Specific Personal Information (Specific Personal information etc.) safely and appropriately, Our Company takes measures for appropriate collection, use and protection of those information and control those information strictly, as follows:

  1. Observe laws and regulation and relevant guideline etc. on Specific Personal Information, and handle Specific Personal Information etc. properly;
  2. Establish an internal regulation for handling Specific Personal Information, and ensure that all the employees observe the same, and establish necessary and properly safely control system thoroughly; and
  3. Our Company shall deal with inquiry and complaint on Specific Personal Information etc. properly in accordance with provisions of laws.

    [Contact Information for Specific Personal Information]

    Consulting Service for Personal Information etc., Personal Information Control Center

    Shueisha Inc.
    2-5-10 Hitotsubashi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-8050

    Form for inquiry on handling Personal InformationOpen in new window

10. Link to Outside Websites

The website operated by Our Company may include links to outside websites. In no event shall Our Company be responsible or liable for handling or protection of personal information or contents at outside websites. In case customer has any question or opinion, please ask relevant websites directly.

11. Amendment of Privacy Guideline

Our Company may amend whole or part of this privacy guideline from time to time in order to meet the changes of business of Our Company and/or amendment of laws and regulations concerning protection of Personal Information. In case of amendment, Our Company announces on such amendment in advance at this website for a certain period of time.

12. Inquiry on Personal Information

If a customer has any inquiry concerning treatment of Personal Information by Our Company, please contact hereOpen in new window. Depending upon the inquiry, Our Company may confirm identity of the person who has made inquiry before responding such inquiry.

Details of Shueisha Privacy Guideline

3. Use of Personal Related Information (Access Log etc.)

  • Our Company uses Personal Related Information including access log etc. for the following purposes:
    1. To identify a customer and improve convenience of a customer;
    2. To provide service and contents etc., optimum for a customer;
    3. To improve service quality; and
    4. To provide behavioral targeting advertising.
  • Details of Personal Related Information including access log etc. Our Company collects are as follows:
    1. Collection of Access Log
      When a customer accesses website operated by Our Company, Our Company collects certain information as access log and stores the same for a certain period of time. The information included in the access log are: date and time of access, number of access, IP address, type of browser used, cookie etc. The information does not include information, through which a certain individual can be identified, e.g., name or address of the customer. Our Company does not have purpose to identify customer through this information. Our Company uses this information as part of improving our services.
    2. Use of Cookie
      Cookie means small data file transferred and received between web server and customer’s browser when a customer uses the webpages. When a customer sets his/her personal computer or mobile phone as accepting cookie (allowing acceptance of cookie), cookie is stored in a certain area of used personal computer or mobile phone. When a customer accesses the same website again, website operator can change indication of the website by information available through cookie depending on each customer. While Our Company can identify customer’s browser through cookie, Our Company cannot identify a customer only based on cookie. Some of the websites operated by Our Company use cookie.
    3. Setting of Cookie
      Customer can change the setting of browser so that customer rejects acceptance of cookie, or warning indication appears when a customer accepts cookie (For detailed information, please confirm “help” menu of customer’s browser.)
    4. Third Party Cookie
      On the website Our Company operates, third parties, partner companies of Our Company or sponsor companies may, by Our Company’s permission, send to, accept from and use their cookies on customers for the purposes, for example, of developing new services and improving existing services including indicating personalized content and advertisement for customer’s review based on one’s attribute that does not include each customer’s Personal Information; indicating advertisement of Our Company on various websites on the internet; analyzing use of service of Our Company by customer (including measuring effect of advertisement and content indicated on the website operated by Our Company). Cookies collected through such process are stored not at Our Company’s server but at those of partner companies and third parties and treated in accordance with applicable privacy policy of each company. Customer can invalidate such cookie information retained by partner company or third parties by accessing opt-out (invalidate) page of each company by yourself.
    5. Behavioral Targeting Advertisement
      A service, categorizing customers according to their interests and preferences based on their behavioral history and displaying relevant internet advertisement depending on such categorization, is called as behavioral targeting advertisement. Part of the advertisement displayed on the websites operated by Our Company are distributed by partners of Our Company. Some of such advertisement includes behavioral targeting advertisement by using cookie etc. As to opt-out (invalidation) of behavioral targeting advertisement by partner companies, please visit each website of such partner companies and take necessary steps.
      - To see partner companies of Our Company as stated above (4) and (5), please see below.

■Partner Companies

4. Joint Use of Personal Information

Our Company jointly use Personal Information collected by customers, as follows:

  1. Information subject to Joint Use:
    • All the information related to customer’s Personal Information Our Company has collected.
  2. Who jointly use
    • Shueisha and its group companies.
      To see the list of Shueisha’s group companies, please see hereOpen in new window.
  3. Purpose of Processing:
    • As stated in “Purpose of Processing Personal Information” in “SHUEISHA Privacy Guideline.”
  4. Name of Person in Charge of Control of Personal Information Subject to Joint Use
    • Shueisha Inc.:

7. Control etc. of Personal Information

The websites operated by Our Company adopt high security server software (digital certificate for web server) named SSL (Secure Socket Layers) applicable when a customer inputs Personal Information. This is the most common security system in the world, which encrypts Personal Information so that a third party cannot review the content. By adopting this technology, Our Company seeks to establish secure website protected from risks associated with internet including wiretapping, tampering and ID theft of Personal Information.

8. Disclosure, Correction etc. of Personal Information

Those who request disclosure or correction etc. of his/her Personal Information Our Company collects may download application form prepared for each category of request, fill out necessary items of the application form and mail it to the following address of the consulting service. Those who request disclosure of his/her Personal Information are required to remit handling charge of JPY500 for 1 request each (including actual cost for response from Our Company and consumption tax) to the designated post office saving transfer account (please bear the necessary handling charge for such remittance). Should Our Company cannot confirm receipt of such amount within 10 days of receipt of the corresponding application form, Our Company shall be entitled to deem that there is no valid application. There are cases where some proof of identification is required for each application (For details, please refer to each application form).

【Points to Note When Applying】

  • If you cannot download the application form, please send your request for application form by mail, enclosing a return envelope together with a stamp of JPY82 to the address of consulting service described below. Upon receipt, Our Company shall send a form.
  • In case the address, to which Our Company shall send response, is abroad, Our Company may request a customer to bear additional cost for postage.
  • Our Company’s response shall be made in writing. Response document will be sent by shipping-recorded mail, if available.
  • In case who requests disclosure or correction etc. is a minor or adult ward, Our Company accepts such application only when it is from the legitimate statutory agent. In that case, document to certify qualification of statutory agent is necessary (for detail, please see each application form).
  • Our Company shall not use Personal Information Our Company collects in relation to each application process for other purpose than confirmation of content of application and eligibility of applicant.
  • “Deletion” in this guideline shall mean deletion of whole or part of content because the information is incorrect etc.
  • Even when Our Company receives a request for disclosure or correction etc., there are cases where Our Company cannot comply with such a request for reasons, e.g., Our Company does not possess Personal Information of the person who has made such a request or in case of any of the followings: Please note that even when Our Company cannot comply, handling charge will not be refunded.
    1. Our Company cannot confirm identification of the person who has made such a request;
    2. there is deficiency in application form;
    3. at Our Company’s judgment, sufficient evidence which supports request for correction etc. is not presented;
    4. Our Company cannot confirm legitimate right of agency in case of application by agent;
    5. statutory exemptions under APPI including possibility to harm human life, body or property of the person who has made a request or a third party, and
    6. Our Company processes the data subject to request for the purpose of the press or writing

12. Inquiry concerning Personal Information

  1. Our Company may introduce or send services, goods or survey by direct mail, facsimile or email etc. based on Personal Information and/or Personal Related Information Our Company possesses. If you want to unsubscribe, please so report hereOpen in new window.
  2. For any other inquiry, please contact hereOpen in new window.