Yuzuru Hanyu talks about the difference between two Olympics he won the gold. (4ページ目)

  • text by Toshimi Oriyama
  • photo by JMPA/Sunao Noto

After the competition, Hanyu also talked for the first time about the dreadful condition of his injury. He had suffered a variety of pains, not just from the ligament injury to his right ankle. Unable to relieve the pain in an area where a painkiller injection wasn't possible, he took medicine before his performance. Hanyu revealed, "without pain relief, I couldn't even jump triples.

"But I can say that I had a lot of choices because I had been trying the quadruple Lutz and quadruple loop (which caused the injury), and those challenges gave me a lot of confidence in doing this composition. I don't think there was any waste in what I did."

If his condition was perfect, he might not have been so obsessed with winning. However, he prepared and performed with non-perfect conditions for this Olympics. Hanyu participated with a strong feeling, always aiming "to stand on the top of the podium".

Because of his feeling and willingness, Hanyu's performance fascinated those watching on and produced the best result ─ winning Olympic gold for the second time in a row. After the medal ceremony held at the Pyeongchang Olympics Plaza, Hanyu talked about the difference from the Sochi Olympics.

"I wonder if there is something I've accumulated in these four years, and unlike Sochi when I made desperate efforts, I had a sense of a mission that I really had to win this time. When I was 19 I thought I had time, but this time I felt there is not much time anymore, and I was nervous that I didn't know how many more Olympics I could participate in."

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