Yuzuru Hanyu shows the will of the Olympic champion after unexpected accidents. (4ページ目)

  • text by Toshimi Oriyama
  • photo by JMPA/Sunao Noto

There were negative factors, both physically and technically, but because of that, there were also gains. "You can multiply a minus and a minus to get a plus," Hanyu said.

"(After the collision) I've always been thinking about what I should do and what I can do in the current conditions. I felt it was my duty to put a quadruple in the latter half, but I didn't feel it would be useless if I couldn't. During the summer of last year (2014), I was able to do perfect quadruple jumps in both the free skate and short program. So I think I can improve one step further with those experiences."

Hanyu continued.

"During the World Championships in March, I used to call the word 'life' (when interviewed). I think the experience of the turbulent season will be important considering my future life. Of course, the experience of the Olympics is very important, but I think this season will be valuable in a different sense."

He also said that this strengthened the feeling that figure skating is his life itself.

"I started skating when I was four years old because of my sister's influence, but now I'm becoming more fond of skating," Hanyu said. "Through skating, I can learn about my philosophy on life and what I should be as a human being. I think I'm starting to feel it little by little."

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