Yuzuru Hanyu shows the will of the Olympic champion after unexpected accidents. (2ページ目)

  • text by Toshimi Oriyama
  • photo by JMPA/Sunao Noto

Hanyu smiling with the gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in SochiHanyu smiling with the gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in SochiAlthough he couldn't achieve consecutive triumphs at the World Championships in March, after his return from injury, he managed to finish second. He also competed for the ISU World Team Trophy in Figure Skating in April. It was probably the will of the Olympic champion that enabled Hanyu to survive this turbulent season littered with unexpected accidents.

After the World Championships, Hanyu explained to the gathered reporters why he continued to participate in competitions.

"Because I'm an active skater," he said. "There is nothing else. There is nothing strange about that because I was selected as the representative of Japan, and I have a sense of duty to fight. With regard to the injury, although it was an accident, I was to blame for my own mismanagement. I think there are things to reflect on."

At the same time, he also said the following.

"This season, I felt more support from the people around me than I had at the Olympics. I was really blessed with the doctor and medical support, who were with me when I needed them. If I were a performer competing in the lower ranking, I don't think it would make the news, or I would receive support like that.

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