Simao Mate advises Japanese players. "Believe yourself more!!" (3ページ目)

  • text by Yoichi Igawa
  • photo by Manabu Takahashi

"Now I am mostly used to life in Japan, but I will try to understand more so I can enjoy it more and perform well."

Based on his own experience, he seemed so sure about that ── something that could also apply to Japanese players wishing to move to Europe.

"Many Japanese players try their chances at European clubs, especially in recent years," Simao continued. "Most of them are youngsters who have great potential, and if they can display their ability it is not very difficult to play or start games in most of the European leagues. In order to do so, you have to adjust to the different culture, surroundings, and mentality. Even if you have great talent, you can't succeed without that adjustment.

"After all, Japanese players in general should believe in themselves more. If you are not confident, you can't succeed professionally. In my impression, Japanese people, including professional athletes, care too much about what others think. Especially in professional soccer, you can't wait for something ── you have to grab it yourself. Decide, act voluntarily, and maintain your will all by yourself. Soccer is not only about chasing the ball but also scrambling for chances. I think the important things are focusing on what you do, believing in yourself and your teammates, and heading towards your goal without fear."

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