Why did Zahra Muzdalifah, a very popular female footballer in her home country of Indonesia with 900,000 followers on Instagram, come to Japan and play in the WE League? (5ページ目)

  • text by Hasegawa Masaharu
  • photo by Setsuda Hiroyuki

Zahra has uploaded a lot of photos of her in a cherry-blossomed-coloured uniform and her everyday life on Instagram. This is probably the best proof that she is getting used to life as a footballer in Japan. "Takoyaki is my favourite Japanese food!" she said having no problem with Japanese food, saying that she would rather eat Japanese food than British food.

In a recent Instagram story, she uploaded a video of herself opening a guitar from a box in her room. She might start singing Japanese songs shortly. Her entertaining nature is sure to gain her more fans not only in Indonesia but also in Japan.

この記事に関連する写真を見る"My first goal is to play as many minutes as possible. And as for the team, I'm in completely new territory, but at the very least I want to aim for the top three in the league, and I'd like to contribute to that."

When will Zahra unleash her potential and score a goal with Cerezo Osaka Yanmar Ladies, a team that excels at nurturing young talents? This could be one of the focal points for the new season of the WE League.

translation by Igawa Yoichi

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