Who is the most impressive player in Japan for Fernando Torres?

  • text by Yoichi Igawa
  • photo by Kenzaburo Matsuoka

"I think he has everything to succeed in Spain. If he plays consistently, his talent will develop for sure. There is a bright future ahead for him."

Having taken on a new role as an advisor, Torres has some suggestions for Japanese football, especially concerning youth development.

"There are many good players in Japan," Torres said. "I've seen some great talents as well, but they tend to fail to develop due to improper coaching. They have to coach the right way, because those kids like football and want to be professionals. Coaches have to teach not only training but also daily life and behaviour. I've seen some young professional players who still have a childish mentality. That has to be changed in order for Japanese football to get better. Football is more competition than entertainment. They must understand this."

For the J-League, here are his honest impressions.

"I think there are teams that don't meet the players' ability," Torres said. "Having a few great players is not enough to build a good team. It could perhaps win a trophy, but could also lead to relegation the following season. That has happened in Japan many times. In football, consistency is the key. It's very important. If your team has less quality but has unity and consistency, you could win the league."

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