Yuzuru Hanyu talks about "Jump". Trying hard make him happy. (3ページ目)

  • text by Toshimi Oriyama
  • photo by Sunao Noto(a presto)

But Hanyu then failed some consecutive jumps at the beginning of the latter half because of a landing error on a quadruple Salchow. That slowed his skating, and he popped on a quadruple toe loop, turning it into double.

Considering his official training, these were unexpected errors. Afterwards a displeased Hanyu said.

"Regarding the loop, it was not well related to the Lutz. I think adjustment of focus is the key. Of course, the success ratio of the quadruple Lutz has been raised. I am the type who steps up from something easy to something hard. But if you concentrate too much on the harder things, it sometimes affects on other jumps."

Hanyu said quadruples are all different to each other so he jumps them individually. Takeoffs, timings, preparations - both mental and physical - it all differs. Therefore, if you try to take on many kinds of jumps, it can result in confusion.

"I couldn't control everything yet. I have managed to complete them one by one, as I can only improve little by little. If you compare my performance at the Autumn Classic International, which was a slightly easier composition, and this one, which is my maximum composition, the total points were better this time but for the short programme I did better previously. Some of you probably think, "Why don't you have that one (from the Autumn Classic International) for the short programme, and the new composition only for the free skate?" But I tried many different things, making my legs shake due to the nerves, and I felt the happiness of skating this time."

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