Yuzuru Hanyu rapidly improved his ability while competing with Patrick Chan.

  • text by Toshimi Oriyama
  • photo by Sunao Noto(a presto)

After saying this, Hanyu nodded when listening to Chan's press conference, in which he spoke about how he increased his score for the five components and his skating. "I'll have a go at doing what Patrick said," he commented.

In the free skate the next day, however, Hanyu stumbled in the beginning. When he tried a quadruple Salchow, the left edge got stuck in the ditch of the rink and he was unable to jump. Trying not to be thrown off by that, he missed the next quadruple toe loop as well due to impatience. Furthermore, the next triple flip was subjected to a point-deduction because of the long edge and his step sequence lacked his usual speed.

But then, Hanyu managed to raise his spirits.

"For this tournament, I've trained steps, skating, choreography, and then jumps. As a result of that training, I could become calm in the movements."

After perfectly executing a triple Axel + triple toe loop in the middle of the free skate, Hanyu gained momentum. He completed the remaining jumps, including two combination jumps, as well as gaining level 4 for his spins. That earned him a score of 168.22 points, 13.78 points higher than in Canada, producing a total of 263.59 points.