Yuzuru Hanyu did know the true fear of Olympics at Sochi 2014.

  • text by Toshimi Oriyama
  • photo by JMPA/Sunao Noto

On 13th February, Hanyu could be disappointed by Pulshenko's absence for the short program of individual event. The Russian star had got injured on his back just before his performance, and withdrew from the competition after all. The fans were disappointed as well for the compatriot's exit.

In the situation, Hanyu showed a slick and crisp performance. He skated perfectly well on each component, leading 101.45 points, better than his short program of team event. Moreover, it was the world record and over 100 points at a short program was the first time in the history.

"Although I didn't think about over 100 points, I'm happy that it is accomplished in the Olympics."

The second place was Chan with 97.52 points after the short program as Hanyu led. But at the next stage, free skate, Hanyu was caught by Olympics' devil (**again, this is a Japanese expression meaning a player suddenly get in a slump at Olympics).

His turn was 21st in the order and right after that, Chan was waiting. In this situation, Hanyu got very nervous and his body didn't move elegantly in the free skate. He missed his first jump, quadruple Salchow, and then succeeded the next jump, quadruple toe loops. But Hanyu tumbled again for the next jump, triple flips. It was surprised and he was totally different from his usual self.